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The Back-Office Overview analyzes the function and effectiveness of back-office operations. In the process we look for existing and potential liabilities. This product is particularly useful in the due diligence phase of an acquisition as well as to owners of on-going operations. Areas analyzed include financial controls, cash controls, store security, human resources, bookkeeping and accounting.

By asking a series of approximately 80 questions, we provide an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the system. The report provides three sections for each question: overview, comments and recommendations. Where appropriate, a course of action to deal with potential problems is provided. Often we find very large existing and potential exposure that investors were unaware of.

Operators, investors and lenders are comforted to know that an industry professional has reviewed their systems.

Check out these serious liabilities we have caught for our clients!

  • Unfiled and unpaid payroll withholding taxes in excess of $1,000,000

  • Unfiled and unpaid sales tax withholdings in excess of $250,000

  • Unfiled and unpaid personal property taxes with an undetermined value

  • Unrecorded vacation liability in excess of $500,000

  • Unrecorded gift card liability with an undetermined value

  • Unrecorded capital costs on a balance sheet

  • Unrecorded capital costs on a balance sheet

  • A lease renewal period three days from expiration

  • Improperly calculated percentage rent calculations

  • Human Resources lapses including undocumented workers, instances of sexual harassment and operations without an employee manual with proper sign-offs

  • Terminated corporate officers and store-level managers remaining as signatories on bank accounts Here

  • Invoices being entered improperly

  • Significant tip-reporting liability

  • Sales being recorded improperly

  • Tax credits (FICA, Work Opportunity and Enterprise Zone) not being taken

  • Improperly used asset lives being recorded (ex. five-year property being taken as 10-year property)

  • Store-level offices with major security lapses (ex. employee information being left out, office doors not being locked and checkbooks being left out)

As you can see, many potential liabilities are not readily apparent.  All of the above-mentioned items are serious and significant liabilities of a specific nature were uncovered.  In the case of purchasing a corporate entity, many of these liabilities would have transferred.  For example, payroll withholding taxes, sales taxes and personal property taxes.  In the case of the unrecorded vacation liability, this caused a purchaser to lower the offer significantly as they were using a 5x multiple on trailing 12 months earnings.

Back-Office Overview

The report analyzes more than 50 back-office functions and delivers a report with overview, comments and recommendations for each. Included are accounting / bookkeeping procedures, human resources, financial controls, legal procedures and tax savings.

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Restaurant Business Plans

The RDS business plan is a battle-tested document that combines strategy and tactics to achieve a desired plan for growth. RDS’ clients have used the business plans to acquire financing, gain landlord confidence and investor support.

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Outsourced CFO Services

This service is oriented to restaurant companies that cannot afford or justify the expense of a full-time CFO. Included are budgeting, lease negotiation, insurance, accounting oversight and project finance.

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Financial Services

In addition, RDS provides a wide array of financial services oriented to the restaurant industry. Included are debt placement, financial analysis, lease review, landlord representation and international restaurant development.

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