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"We depend on RDS for all of the financing needs for our Il Radicchio chain. Either in preparing our business plan, placing the financing or providing review and advice, I have found the services invaluable in the growth of our four-unit company."

Roberto Donna
Galileo Restaurant Il Radicchio Restaurants®
Washington, DC

Business Plan Preparation / Strategic Planning
Multi-Unit Chain Restaurants

Restaurant companies with multi-unit growth objectives must build solid foundations built on experience, research and careful financial planning.

Using the same analytical techniques as described for the single-unit independent, RDS begins with the prototype restaurant unit. Building on the foundation and success of this unit, RDS provides a strategic and tactical plan for multi-unit expansion at the corporate level.


  • Review concept & formulate mission statement;
  • Prepare global development strategy;
  • Develop market analysis and strategic marketing plan;
  • Develop prototype unit stabilized year cash flow statement;
  • Compare and contrast operating projections to National Restaurant Association segment-specific operating data;
  • Prepare a prototype unit development sources and uses of funds statement;
  • Perform sensitivity analysis to determine profit and loss, break-even and return-on-investment ratios;
  • Derive development standards (including site selection, location, facilities and demographics);
  • Develop organizational structure;
  • Establish corporate level income and expense analysis;
  • Prepare corporate level sources and uses of funds;
  • Develop and institute training and support systems;
  • Develop operations, training and personnel systems and manuals
  • Incorporate the above into standard business plan format.